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10 things to know about Rudd Labor's 50% cut to patients contract surgery rebates.

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Hansard evidence from Budget estimates session in which the chief Medicare officer who advises Ms Roxon seems to have no idea of the consequences of this budget cut.

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Can you appreciate the waste of taxpayer money in saving $307 on the Rebate cut, yet costing $3500 to the public hospitals if the patient goes public ? That is not good use of taxpayer money.

Why was there no modelling on the likely effects on public hospital waiting lists?


 A 50% cut is not a minor adjustment and has huge social implications. People are upset - what happened to community consultation? And why was there no consultation prior to these cuts?


Why disadvantage 123,000 older patients per year for a saving of 30 Million, when an 11% shift to public care will wipe out all of your proposed savings? That is not very good economics.


Do you appreciate how your changes will create a two-tiered system and disadvantage pensioners and low income patients?